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Despite the fact that plenty of trekkers go through the year, generally in Uganda the best time to trek is dry season that is June, July, August and December, January and February. The trekking time for chimps is either is morning and afternoon hours. It is advisable to trek in the morning during rainy season because the forest is slippery, watery and muddy during afternoon hours than morning hours. Worse again in rainy season, trekkers should know that there are low chances of seeing chimps on the ground as they tend to stay in trees. So the favorable season to trek chimps is dry season to have memorable tour experience in Kibale Forest National Park.


  • The best time/months of the year to visit Kibale-June, July, August, September, December, January, February.
  • Peak season/busiest months of the year- June, July, August, September.
  • Low/off season- March, April, May, October, November.
  • Best weather: June, July, December, January, February.
  • The worst weather: April, May, October, November.