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If you are interested in the off-beaten track experiences, then guided nature walks in Kibale National Park are without doubt a great deal on Uganda safari. The 2-6 hours’ nature walk or hiking experience in Kibale introduces you to the scenic lush tropical forest, savanna, swamps, etc. A guided nature walk in Kibale allows you to enjoy sight of diverse primate species, birds, flora, butterflies, plus other mammals.

Guided nature walk in Kibale is an enriching on-foot-walk experience awaiting you to enjoy on Uganda safari. Kibale National Park guided nature walks start from Kanyanchu or Sebitoli. Engage in day nature walk to enjoy chimpanzee tracking to see chimpanzees in the wild and this lasts for 2-4 hours inclusive of 1 hour of face to face encounter, photography, etc.

Day nature walks can also be enjoyed if you are interested in butterfly watching or bird sighting. Kibale National Park is a home to all 200 butterfly species and over 375 bird species. Night nature walks are also enjoyable and you have a chance to explore the nocturnal species such as bush babies, pottos and more.

The top nature walking/hiking trails in and around Kibale National Park include forest trails inside Kibale, Bigodi Wetland walk, Amabere cave trail, Crater Lake hikes and more. The forest walk trail is 12kms extensive trail offering the best forest walk experience and perfectly experienced during the dry season. This is 6 hours’ hiking trail in Kibale and introduces you into the different habitats of Kibale while spotting a number of wildlife, swampland, savannas, rain-forest rich with primates, butterflies, birds, etc.

Nocturnal forest trail- 2 hours’ extensive experience offering great sightings of Kibale National Park wildlife. This trail offers a rich experience of nocturnal species including mammals such as bush babies, pottos and nightjar birds, etc.

Top of the world hike- This is a 3 hours long walk experience introducing you to the real rural experience, visit the vast tea plantations, villages near the park to interact with local residents, learn about their daily activities.

Amabere cave & crater lake hikes- Amabere caves are a few unique attractions worth exploring on Uganda safari. This is a rich cultural and historical site awaiting you to explore and experience on safari in Kibale National Park.

Night Walks

When chimpanzees and other forest residents rest up at dusk, a nighttime shift of rarely seen creatures becomes active. Night walks though the darkened forest use powerful torches to seek nocturnal creatures such as the potto, bushbaby, nightjar, cricket and tree hyrax, with its chilling shriek, as well as the occasional civet or serval cat. Night walks leave the camp at 7.30pm and last between one and a half and two hours.

Best time to visit Kibale

Nature walks in Kibale National Park can be enjoyed at any time of the year. However, the best weather time to travel to Kibale for nature walk is during the dry season that is from June to July or December, January to February. Nature walk in Kibale is possible during wet or rainy season but the weather conditions don’t favor as it is during the dry season.