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Kibale National Park a rich natural rain-forest park with not only primates but also bird species. Over 375 bird species make Kibale a true birder’s haven and they include the highest population of forest bird species in Uganda.

  • Established in 1993 and spanning on the land area of 795sq.kms, Kibale National Park is undoubtedly the only home to the Green breasted pitta in Uganda.
  • This is one the only 2 species of pitta in Africa making Kibale National Park an exceptional birding safari destination/
  • Kibale also protects 4 species of birds which don’t exist in any other Uganda National Park and they include Blue headed bee-eater, Cassin’s spine tail, Masked apalis and Nahan’s francolins.

Roughly 335 bird species have been recorded in any other national park: Nahan’s francolin, Cassin’s spine tail, blue-headed bee-eater and masked apalis. Otherwise, the checklist for Kibale includes a similar range of forest birds to Semliki National Park, with the exclusion of the 40-odd Semliki ‘specials’ and the inclusion of a greater variety of water and grassland species.

A recent first sighting of a green-breasted pitta caused some excitement in Uganda ornithological circles, while the truly optimistic might want to look out for prigogine’s ground thrush, a presumably endemic species or race collected once in the 1960’s and yet to be seen again.

Other birds of Kibale National Park to identify on Uganda birding tour include the Superb sunbird, Tiny sunbird, Black billed turacos, Speckled tinker bird, Yellow spotted nicator, Blue shouldered robin chat, little greenbuls, White bellied crested flycatchers, Blue throated rollers, White collared olive;

Black headed oriole, African dusky flycatcher, Cameroon somber greenbul, African emerald cuckoo, crowned eagles, Papyrus canary, Papyrus gonoleks, Ash flycatcher, Chub’s cisticola, African green pigeon, Abyssinian ground thrush, Alpine swift, zebra waxbill;

Grey winged robin, White collared olive back, Barn swallow, Blue breasted kingfishers, Brown chested alethe, Black and white shrike flycatchers, Black billed turacos, etc. A good number of migratory birds are also spotted in Kibale especially between November and April.

Birds of Kibale can be identified while on birding safari, forest or guided nature walks, chimpanzee tracking. Kibale National Park features several developed walking trails worth exploring on birding. Birding safaris begin early at Kanyanchu where briefing is conducted and the park guide will be assigned to you to take you through the overall birding experience in the lush Kibale Forest.

Other species in Kibale National Park to see besides birds

Kibale is a naturally rich rain-forest conservation area offering more than birding safaris. It is an ideal spot to explore and experience more about distinct primates including chimpanzees, olive baboons, red tailed monkeys, l’hoest monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, red colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, pottos, bush babies and more.