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Uganda also known as the pearl of Africa is a country of numerous breathtaking attractions worth exploring during safaris and tours. Every part of the country has more than one attraction worth visiting and one of the most interesting ones is the Crater lake Trail within western Uganda.

Most of the region of western Uganda is characterized by Volcanic eruptions that occurred in the past, leading to the formation of Crater lakes within Kibale Forest, Fortportal and Queen Elizabeth and presently, there are few explosion Craters some of which are within forests and savannahs, with others turning into Lakes.

It is for this reason that the Crater Lakes have now become places of fishing, reed canoeing, swimming and paddling across the beautiful Lakes. Interestingly, diving can also be conducted within these crater Lakes. Some of the tourists who use the Crater Lake Trail can participate in a hike to the 3 Crater Lakes, nature walks and birding among others.

Besides venturing in this Trail, you can spend overnights within the Crater Lake Lodge, participate in Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park, visiting the popular Bigodi wetlands Jungle wetlands and Cave exploration among others. The Crater Lake Trail therefore allows tourists to explore the following;

Stunning Explosion craters and Lakes are found in western Uganda and are worth visiting while on safaris in Uganda. There are so far 12 of them along this trail but the most breathtaking is the Katwe Explosion Crater. Therefore, nature walks along this spectacular trail leads tourists to the highest point of Queen Elizabeth National Park that rewards them with the stunning views of the Mountains of the Moon, beautiful Lakes such as Edward and George that are connected to each other by the Kazinga Channel, the Escarpment of the western Rift Valley, other explosion craters as well as the Blue mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Most importantly, the Explosion Crater Lakes are known for offering shelter to several migratory bird species including hundreds of flamingos.

This trail also leads visitors to two spectacular National Parks-Queen Elizabeth and Kibale Forest with the latter being the primate Capital of the World.   While here, you can participate in Chimpanzee tracking as well as the life changing Habituation Experience while offering opportunities of sighting other mammals, butterflies, birds and tree species. Don’t forget to explore the verdant Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary and Amabere Caves.

As earlier mentioned, part of Queen Elizabeth National Park is also found along the remarkable Crater Lake Trail, and offers views several mammals and more than 600 bird species as well as the Lake Katwe Explosion Crater, Chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge and the lush Maramagambo Forest.

Rwenzori Mountains cannot be left out when exploring the Crater Lake Trail much as it overshadows most parts of the area. If you are not physically fit or not interested in climbing to the snow-capped Peaks of the Mountain, you can actually choose to undertake some mini-hikes, known as the Northern Route Hike that leads hikers up to 3000 meters above sea level and spend overnights within the Crater Lake Lodge.

When you talk of the Crater Lake Trail, the Nyanzibiri Crater Lakes and Cave should not miss on the itinerary. If you ask anyone, you will be told that this is definitely an off-the beaten track site situated on the South of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This area is comprised of three breathtaking Lakes that include the twin Crater Lake as well as the transparent one in addition to the Forest, magical Caves and villages that will take your breath away.

There are also several exquisite and rustic Lodges along this trail, with most of them being near Fortportal and Kibale Forest National Park (the home of chimpanzee tracking and Habituation Experience). Therefore, the Lodges include Bella Vista Lodge and Kasenyi Safari Camp within Queen Elizabeth National Park although can be used by visitors to Rwenzori Mountains. Others include Ndali Lodge, Papaya Lake Lodge and Kyaninga Safari Lodge.