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Crater Lakes near Kibale National Park are unique natural formations tourists on safari in Uganda should expect to explore. The Ndali-Kasenda Craters make Kibale a popular crater safari destination in Uganda. There are a multiple Crater Lakes near Kibale National Park that are mind-blowing.

Kibale National Park is a splendid rain-forest located, about 300kms from Kampala city, Western Uganda. The park sits on 795sq.kms of land area and it was founded in 1993, protecting currently over 13 primate species. With several Crater Lakes distributed around the park, Kibale National Park is not only an outstanding primate safari/chimpanzee trekking destination but also a magical Crater Lake safari spot.

The different Crater Lakes near Kibale are part of the rift valley formation/volcanic activity in Western Uganda. Their presence makes Kibale National Park a great scenic viewing and camping destination besides being the leading chimpanzee trekking destination.

The Ndali-Kasenda Crater Lakes are strategically lying near Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Park, 25kms South of Fort Portal. The viewpoint often referred to as the Top of the World offers the most mesmerizing views of the park, the surrounding craters and the Rwenzori Mountain ranges, etc.

Formation of the Crater Lakes in Kibale

The Crater Lakes near Kibale formed 10,000 years back as a result of volcanic activity. This involved strong volcanic eruption resulting into burst on the surface, pouring back the ash, debris, lava creating depression/explosion craters which later were filled with rainwater.

Crater Lakes near Kibale National Park

Lake Nkuruba- Located 25kms South of Fort Portal Town Western Uganda, Lake Nkuruba is one of the Crater Lakes near Kibale and offers amazing view of Kibale and the Rwenzori Mountains. In the surround of Lake Nkuruba exist beautiful natural forests with diverse wildlife species.

Lake Nkuruba is undoubtedly the best walking safari spot offering access to the top of the world to Mahoma waterfalls plus other crater lakes. In addition, there is opportunity to see lots of wildlife including primates such as red colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, etc; birds, mongoose and more. Its strategic location makes it an ideal camping spot at Lake Nkuruba Reserve.

Lake Nyabikere

Lake Nyabikere also known as the Lake of the frogs lies 11kms and 100m from Fort Portal Town, 18kms from Kibale and 30 minutes’ drive along Kamwenge route. Lake Nyabikere trail comes with lots of opportunities for nature lovers including visit to the local communities to interact with local residents, birding etc and Rweteera Safari Lodge is an ideal accommodation facility for overnight stay.

Lake Lyantonde

Located close to Lake Nyinambuga is a scenic Lake Lyantonde one of the most convenient Crater Lakes near Kibale. The interesting experiences to expect to be part here include hiking and chimpanzee trekking or chimpanzee habituation in Kibale National Park.

Lake Nyinambuga

Lying close to Lake Nkuruba is Lake Nyinambuga a spectacular lake with clean water and lush forests in the surrounding. The surrounding forest is a host to diverse species of primates including olive baboons, monkeys plus a range of bird species. For overnight stay, Ndali Lodge is the right place to be.

Lake Kifuruka

Lake Kifuruka forms part of the multiple Crater Lakes near Kibale/the Ndali-Kasenda Crater region. There are numerous experiences to enjoy while here including canoeing, walking safaris, birding, scenic viewing, relaxation at the lodge while viewing the lake and the forest.

Activities to do on Crater Safari in Kibale


Explore not only the beautiful Crater Lakes but also the different birds of Kibale which make up a total population of 375 bird species. These include papyrus gonoleks, black and white casqued hornbill, great blue turacos, grey parrot, olive long tailed cuckoo, green breasted pitta, etc.

Primate watching

Kibale is a rich primate destination with over 13 species of primates all living in its lush forest. On a visit to surrounding crater lakes, there are higher chances to meet several of primates including black and white colobus monkeys, vervet, red colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys plus elephants, etc. This is especially at Lake Nkuruba.

Nature walking

The best way to explore the beautiful Crater Lakes near Kibale is through walking safaris or hiking. Enjoy great foot-walk experience as you view the scenic Rwenzori Mountains in the surrounding, Kibale Forest, tea plantations and other lakes and more.