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Rules and regulations of chimp trekking and habituation.

The rules and regulations are put in place to safe guide kibale national park just like any other park. These are estimated by Uganda Wildlife Authority the government agency in charge of all protected areas in Uganda.

  • The briefing must be conducted at 7am at kanyanchu headquarters in Kibale Park and searching for chimps in the jungle should start at 8am. Trekkers take 2-3 hours looking for chimps.
  • It is advisable for trekkers to keep a distance of 8m away from chimps in order to keep calm environment for chimps.
  • The number of trekkers limited for chimp trekking is six visitors with guides who spot the chimps for visitors to see.
  • Just like gorilla trekking, chimp trekkers are told to pack long sleeved t-shirts and trousers, comfortable hiking shoes, rain coat, long stockings to prevent safari ants from biting them, insect repellent and cameras.
  • The trekkers are worse again restricted by one hour visit, cameras without flashlights, not eating in the presence of chimps, not leaving unwanted food in the forest.
  • The maximum number of groups to trek chimps are three and those are 18 visitors and 21 people in all with guides and rangers per day. The chimp trekking begins early morning and afternoon hours.
  • Only people above 15 years and above are allowed to trek chimps.
  • Trekkers who are ill with flue, cough and diarrhea are not allowed to trek chimps in the park because chimps will easily be affected.