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All National Park tariffs indicated below

 Visitor Entrance Fees  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Class – Category A  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees US$  Visitation Fees Ush
 Adult  1 day/night – $40-  1 day/night – $20-  1 day/night – Ush5,000-
 Child (5-15 years)  1 day/night – $15-  1 day/night – $10-  1 day/night – Ush2,500-
 Child (0-5 years)  Free  Free  Free

Foreign Students with valid international identity cards are allowed 25% on entrance fees.
One days entrance is valid for twenty-four hours from the time of entrance.
All visitors will be required to produce valid ID’s in order to determine their resident status.

 Vehicle Entrance Fees  Foreign Registered  Uganda Registered
 N/A  N/A  N/A

Vehicle entrance is not applicable. Accommodation is available at the park entrance at Kanyanchu where you can safely leave vehicles. Vehicles entrance to the Visitors Center, campsite and bandas is free.

 Guided Nature Walks  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 Up to 4 hours  US$10-  US$10-  Ushs5,000-
 Over 4 hours  US$15-  US$15-  Ushs10,000-
 Night Walk (2 hours)  US$25-  US$25-  Ushs20,000-
 Long distance walk  US$20-  US$20-  Ushs20,000-

Fees are per person. 2 hour activities for children less than 12 years of age are possible for US$5- per child.

 Chimpanzee Tracking  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 US$200-  US$150-  Ushs150,000-

Persons under 15 years may not participate in primate walks.

 Chimpanzee Habituation  Non-Resident  Foreign Resident  East Africans
 1 day  US$250-  US$200-  US$70-
 2 days  US$400-  US$400-  US$120-
 3 days  US$550-  US$380-  US$160-
 Extra day  US$100-  US$75-  US$40-

This is for visitors interested in primate behaviour. A special guided trip, commencing at 0500 hrs in the morning and ending as late as 2100 hrs at night, offers a complete insight into the group behaviour from daybreak until nightfall. The denesting in the morning and the nesting in the late afternoon can be observed at close quarters, for groups currently not exceeding 4 per day.

Commercial Filming Fees:
Commercial filming fee in this Category ‘A’ Protected Area is US$200- per person plus a refundable fee of US$1,000- when you provide UWA a copy of the film.